Printing on Different Fabrics Clinic-Virtual Workshop – LinoCave
A four-panel sampler of different hand block printed fabrics by Susana McDonnell of LinoCave. Fabrics are charachterized by bright colors and geometric patterns.

Printing on Different Fabrics Clinic-Virtual Workshop

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Requires Basic Fabric Block Printing Experience

Ages 13-Adult

Ever wonder why you were able to print something beautifully on one type of fabric and it is grainy and light on another? There is an infuriating answer to that—every fabric prints differently. In this 90 minute workshop we’ll bring our favorite block, inks and brayers, and scraps of different fabrics and work through inking for different fabric types to achieve optimal results on all! Note: there is no design or carving in this class, just practice of inking techniques.

If you have any questions please email me. Please use an email address and not a phone number when checking out so that I can email you the Zoom link.

A Zoom link will be sent from either the day before or the day of class.

Materials list:

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A variety of fabric scraps of varying textures and weights and a pre-washed item you would like to print at the end of class.

Your favorite *pre-carved* block on a soft rubber matrix such as Speedball Speedy Carve, Blick Soft Kut or Gomuban Vinyl.

Speedball Fabric Block Printing Ink only. Please note: I am not qualified to troubleshoot block printing with screen printing ink.

Soft Rubber Brayer

Smooth surface for rolling out ink such as plexi, acrylic or sheet glass

Palette knife or similar.

Baren or Hard Rubber Brayer to apply pressure with


Padded surface. This will help you achieve better results on fabric. 10+ layers of old sheets, a doubled over fleece blanket, a non textured old towel or two layers of a non-textured upholstery/thick fabric are examples. Should not be super squishy. Clamps help secure your padded surface to the table.