#printersolstice – LinoCave


#printersolstice is an Instagram-based campaign designed to build community and spread creativity and inspiration via printmaking during the winter solstice. It is hosted by Susana McDonnell of @linocaveprints and Mindy Schumacher of @follysomeprints. It is sponsored by @speedball_art and @im_printed


Thank you for joining along and printing with us during this #printersolstice . You are welcome to interpret the prompts any way you like but here are some of our musings to get the ideas flowing:


  1. Noir – At this, the darkest time of year for many, we welcome a look into all that is noir; dark, stark and existential.
  2. New Beginnings – The celebration of the new year marks a time for a fresh start. How will you begin again? Will you resolve to start something new or put away something old?
  3. Crystalization – As ice and snow set in, the world freezes, how do your creative ideas crystalize, form and come to fruition? Perhaps this is an opportunity to research crystalline structure and learn about its magic. Why do snowflakes, geodes and light refracted through glass never fail to amaze and dazzle?
  4. Color Story – Let’s play with color! How does it affect and influence your work or do you even use it at all? How does printing the same thing in different colors change the very nature of it?
  5. It’s All in the Details – Here we celebrate all of the little things that make our work special. Whether your artwork is very detailed or it’s the little things you do to go the extra mile in your practice, let us know how you rock the details.
  6. This Too Shall Pass – If you’ve made it around to see another solstice, it likely means that you have passed through some uncomfortable and difficult moments in your life. From feeling trapped in the quagmire of hardship to the clarity of hindsight, how do you come to terms with tough times? Does your art reflect on those experiences or provide a space to get away from them?
  7. Our Natural World – Let’s celebrate the beauty presented to us every day; animal, vegetable, mineral, sky and stars, there is no shortage of inspiration around us.
  8. Low Hanging Fruit – Fess up, you’ve picked it, it’s ripe, it’s sweet and you won’t break your neck falling out of a tree to get it. What’s your favorite tried and true artistic answer that has also been tried by oh-so many others?
  9. Oh, the Humanity – We’re a complex bunch, for better or worse. Whether it’s the human form, human emotions or human ingenuity, let’s explore what makes us human, in greatness or frailty.
  10. Balancing Act - How does the element of balance play into your design process? Or perhaps you’ve heard this question: How do you do it all? Tell us about how you carve out time for art amongst the multitude of life’s demands.
  11. Ratios - A time to explore multiples and gradients, symmetry and proportion, and a chance to geek out on mathematics through art a la Da Vinci.
  12. Spring is Springing - In like a lion and out like a lamb. And it’s about time. It’s a waiting game, isn’t it? The anticipation, the grandeur and slow progression of regeneration. Alongside the beauty coming forth are the excruciating pangs of practicing patience.

Rules for #psx2020 Print Exchange

Who doesn’t love a print exchange? You can enter throughout the course of #printersolstice , just add the hashtag #psx2020 to any of your submissions that can be printed on a piece of paper 9” x 12”/22.5 x 30.5 cm or smaller. Mindy @follysomeprints and Susana @linocaveprints will select 20 pieces from the #psx2020 hashtag and each participant will be asked to create a unique edition of 26 prints for the exchange. Mindy and Susana will also each submit a print to the exchange. Each exchange participant will receive a set of 22 prints as will Alice @im_printed and @speedball_art . The last two sets of of prints will be auctioned off for charity, one set on @linocaveprints account and one set on @follysomeprints account. That means that printmakers and non-printmakers alike have the option to give to a good cause and enjoy the magic of receiving a set of prints! Winners from each auction will furnish a receipt of a donation in the USD amount of their winning bid dated after the day of the auction closing to an organization rated B or above by charitywatch.org , and please, let’s keep things neutral, no politics, religion or Kickstarter/GoFundMe.


That is all for now, we welcome any questions as we go along and look forward to the kick off coming oh so soon!