LinoCave-Hand Block Printing Workshops & Handmade Textiles, Boston MA
Photo of Susana McDonnell standing in her printmaking studio with printing table and inks behind her.

My process

A photograph of the tools that Susana McDonnell of LinoCave uses to create her designs. There is a vintage compass set, a green circle tracer, rulers, a variety of different pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser and a sketchbook with a geometric design.


I use old-fashioned tools of the design trade to hand-draw each of my patterns.

Close-up of the process of carving linoleum. A geometric design is partially carved into a piece of linoleum.


After transferring my design onto a linoleum or rubber block, I carefully carve out each and every detail.

Susana McDonnell's hand holding a brayer with light green ink and rolling the ink onto a piece of linoleum with a geometric design carved into it.


I mix all of my own colors and roll just the right amount of ink onto my block. I hand-stamp each impression.


After printing my fabrics I use a combination of machine and hand sewing to create each of my products.