Reduction Grid Virtual Workshop via Zoom – LinoCave
Reduction Grid Virtual Workshop via Zoom
Reduction Grid Virtual Workshop via Zoom
Reduction Grid Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Reduction Grid Virtual Workshop via Zoom

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Ages 13-Adult


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Come explore the tantalizing risk associated with reduction printmaking in combination with creating a repeat pattern. You will leave with a large format print (if successful!) and some smaller “insurance policy” prints. Reduction printmaking is a process by which the printmaker creates a multi-colored print using a single block. The block is minimally carved for the first layer of color, and then progressively carved for each subsequent layer, eliminating the ability to reprint should there be an error. In this two-part workshop we will design a simple repeat pattern and arrange and print it in a grid pattern on paper and slowly let the complexities emerge as we carve and print details and texture on each layer. If you would like to see examples from the Reduction Grid class I taught on Instagram (yup, Instagram) click here.

If you have any questions please email me. Please use an email address and not a phone number when checking out so that I can email you the Zoom link. A Zoom link will be sent from either the day before or the day of class.

LinoCave workshops are a safe space for all regardless of race, religion, ability, sexual orientation/identity. Discrimination and racism will not be tolerated.


Below are the materials needed for the workshop:


Supplies Needed (some Amazon affiliate links included):


Xerox/Copier Paper 

#2 Pencil



Compass (only if interested in creating a geometric design)

Scotch Tape


Linoleum Carving Tools (I discuss these more in-depth on my blog)

Soft rubber or vinyl carving matrix or linoleum (also discussed further on my blog)

Sharpie (optional)

Stamp pad (optional)

Xacto knife

Little dish for collecting scraps


3 sheets of 22”x30” printmaking paper such as: Rives BFK , Arnhem , or Stonehenge

Relief Printing Ink (preferably one that dries within a week and is water soluble or miscible) such as: Speedball Water Soluble Block Printing Ink or Speedball Pro-Relief Ink.

Soft Rubber Brayer

A smooth, non-porous surface to roll ink out on, such as plexiglass or sheet glass, you can be creative here, a piece of sheet glass from an old frame with taped edges is perfect.

Palette knife or flexible putty knife

Something to apply pressure with: a hard rubber brayer, a baren, an old glass paperweight or doorknob. You can be creative here too.


Soap and water

Sink (not a fancy one!) or basin

Old toothbrush or other soft-bristled brush

Newspaper/Scrap paper/junk mail