Geometric Design Clinic-Virtual Workshop – LinoCave
A four-panel of pencil drawings of geometric patterns by Susana McDonnell of LinoCave in sketchbooks accompanied by pencils, erasers, compasses, pencil sharpeners and rulers.

Geometric Design Clinic-Virtual Workshop

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Age 13-Adult

**Currently there are no live dates for this workshop, but you may purchase a recording. The Zoom recording and attendant worksheet will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase from .  I offer support via email or Instagram DM for all of my recorded classes.**

Up your geometric and repeat pattern design game in this two-hour drawing clinic. Bring your pencils, rulers, compasses, and most importantly, erasers and take your patterns to a new level! We will discuss shapes that tesselate, line, curves, secondary patterns and more. Note: there is NO printing in this workshop, just drawing.

If you have any questions please email me. Please use an email address and not a phone number when checking out so that I can email you the Zoom link.

A Zoom link will be sent from either the day before or the day of class.

I have added an option to purchase a Zoom recording of this class. If you choose that option the recording and the attendant worksheet will be emailed to you from within 24 hours.

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Materials list:

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Paper (Xerox paper is fine)



Compass-Ebay is an excellent source for vintage compass sets