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A four-panel of stamped designs on paper using a third of a circle that is striped and printed in a variety of orientations. Some are in vivid colors, one is black and white, some show carving tools.

Exploring Overlapping Patterns with Stamp Pads-Weekend Virtual Workshop

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Come join me for this exploration of creating overlapping patterns with simple shapes. The small scale of stamp-making allows for deep analysis of pattern and color without rolling out ink. In this weekend workshop we will create a simple design that will create a secondary pattern when overlapped, carve it into a soft matrix and experiment with stamping it in different ways to create unique secondary patterns with our overlaps. I will provide all of my methods for creating a precise design and how to register it when printing. We will also discuss color combinations and how they affect overall designs.

Please sign up using an email address as opposed to a phone number so I can email you the zoom invite. Zoom invites will be emailed the day of or the day before the workshop.

If the timing of this workshop doesn't work for you I can record it for you and send it to you after I receive it from Zoom. Please register and email me at susana@linocave.com to request that I record it.

If you would like to learn how to transfer onto Speedball Speedy Carve using laser or inkjet printouts and an iron please watch my tutorial here.

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*There is a half-hour meal break in this class.*

Materials List (some affiliate links included):

Paper, Xerox is fine.

Pencil, preferably mechanical.



Ruler, I love these small gridded ones, but we will need a regular 12" or similar as well.

Scotch/cello tape

Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol (my favorite spray bottles are the ones I repurpose from hair/beauty products. They always seem to give a nice fine mist and are more durable than the empty ones you buy.) You will also need a rag or paper towels.

Soft rubber carving matrix. My favorite is Speedball Speedy Carve (PINK, NOT blue or white which are made for young children and are not suitable for this workshop). You will just need a small piece.

A variety of carving tools. The Speedball Linoleum Cutter works. If you are feeling like taking the plunge for a new set I recommend these: Flexcut Micro Palm Set, Flexcut 1.5mm Mixed Profile Micro Tool Set, or the Pfeil "Swiss Made" Palm Set B. If you have a set of tools other than the Speedball tool (just replace the blades) you should consider a Flexcut Slip Strop to keep your tools honed. 

Stamp pads in various colors. My favorite are Versafine Clair. The different colors are sold individually, but I definitely regret not buying the full set right off the bat.


Your favorite printmaking paper. I recommend something on the smoother side, rough textured paper is not advised.