Carving Clinic-Virtual Workshop – LinoCave
A four panel of hand carved relief printing blocks by Susana McDonnell of LinoCave. The printing blocks are carved out of pink Speedball Speedy Carve and are surrounded by carving tools, greenery and dishes of carving scraps. The blocks are characterized by being of different complex geometric patterns.

Carving Clinic-Virtual Workshop

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Ages 13-Adult

Basic Block Carving Experience Required

**Currently there are no live dates for this workshop, but you may purchase a recording. The Zoom recording and attendant worksheet will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase from .  I offer support via email or Instagram DM for all of my recorded classes.**

Ever look at someone’s Insta-perfect carve and wonder how they do it? Let’s spend 90 minutes together her on Zoom and practice a few different techniques to improve your carving skills. First we will discuss tools and carving matrices, then we will work on some carving drills. I will provide a worksheet with shapes to practice for you to transfer onto linoleum, rubber or vinyl--a perfect use for scraps. With a variety of V, U and C gouges and we can work together to make your carving dreams come true! Please note: there is no design or printing in this workshop, just carving practice.

If you have any questions please email me. Please use an email address and not a phone number when checking out so that I can email you the Zoom link.

A Zoom link and the worksheet will be sent from either the day before or the day of class.

If the timing of this workshop doesn't work for you I can record it for you and send it to you after I receive it from Zoom. Please register and email me at to request that I record it.

If you would like to learn how to transfer onto Speedball Speedy Carve using a laser or inkjet printout and an iron please watch my tutorial here.

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Materials list:

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Scraps of your favorite carving material. My favorite is Speedball Speedy Carve (PINK, NOT white or blue as those are designed for young children and and you will not be able to achieve desired detail with them). Linoleum works well as does Japanese vinyl. Please note, I am not qualified to teach wood carving. 

Carving tools with a variety of small and larger V and C gouges. The Speedball Linoleum Cutter works. If you are feeling like taking the plunge for a new set I recommend these: Flexcut Micro Palm Set, Flexcut 1.5mm Mixed Profile Micro Tool Set, or the Pfeil "Swiss Made" Palm Set B. If you have a set of tools other than the Speedball tool (just replace the blades) you should consider a Flexcut Slip Strop to keep your tools honed. 

X-acto knife


Stamp pad without sides (optional, but helpful)

Little dish for scraps